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Best Enemies in the Community

  • Best Enemies scores an 88% 'Excellent' Satisfaction Rating

    Since the beginning of the school year, Best Enemies has visited and run workshops in schools across NSW, from PLC in Sydney on behalf of KYDs, to Mildura & Broken Hill with Mission Australia, Queanbeyan on behalf of Catholic Care to Inverell with the Inverell Family Youth Support Service.


  • Learnings from the Best Enemies Cyber Safety Forum

    Over 100 people attended the Best Enemies Cyber Safety Forum at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne. There were teachers, curriculum managers, parents, well- being and anti-bullying experts and media. Look for a full report of the launch on this website to catch up all of the issues that were discussed on that evening and the twitter feed on it.


  • Daily Telegraph: Best Enemies Education survey finds phones are keeping girls up at night

    TEEN girls are so desperate to keep in touch with friends they are sleeping with phones under their pillows.

    The addiction to social networking is making students chronically tired and putting their education at risk, experts say, The Advertiser reported.

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  • Youth Cyber Safety Summit

    A joint initiative between Best Enemies Education and the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) was held at ACMI, Melbourne. The Summit brought together a powerhouse of top thinkers in an open forum with youth educators, teachers, students, police & government representatives. The evening: - Addressed best approaches to protecting young people online - Presented the Best Enemies education resource developed by ATOM - Promoted cyber safe legislation. Further information on the outcomes of the Summit will be posted shortly.

  • Working with Students - The Benefits and Challenges of Living in a Cyber-World by Lee Burton

    If we are to work with students about the benefits and challenges of living in a cyber-world we need to use all of the wonderful resources that the world offers. I am an avid supporter of resources that speak directly to students. Obviously, as one of the writers of the study guide and the manager of the video clips on Best Enemies and having seen how students respond to it excitedly and positively in forums I have run I am keen to enhance and extend its impact.